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Traditional and gourmet restaurant in Palermo

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our gourmet restaurant passes on the secrets of the traditional sicilian food.
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Aromas strong as the breaking wave, tuff immortalized by the sun, Etna that boils. Sicily boasts hilly, volcanic, mountain and desert landscapes. For centuries farmers have cultivated vines wherever possible, giving birth to strong and powerful juices from fragrances with clear and safe nuances. We have selected 100 strictly Sicilian wines, the best ones, to make the tasting experience more enveloping.

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The Chef Pinto’s Advice

I designed the tasting menus to let you live a colorful and complete tasting experience but you can also freely choose à la carte menu. My will explain every detail, every secret hidden under the layers of flavors that I wrapped on each recipe.

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Ristorante A’Cuncuma

Embroidered curtains, wicker weaves, fishing nets, pots, the underground passages of the Beati Paoli, the meanings hidden in the high reliefs of the Duomo .. Tradition travels through time through secrets handed down. Sicilian cuisine seems simple but it is also the result of a subtle alchemy. The Palermo chef Vincenzo Pinto of Sicilian cuisine because in the restaurant at the level of cuisine A two traditional experiences: the gourmet dinner with tasting menu and presentation with high-level nuances.

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Ristorante A' Cuncuma - Triglia a beccafico

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Our secrets melts in your mouth.