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Why “A’ Cuncuma”

The origin of the name

In the early 1800s, Gaspare Palermo wrote the first “touristic” Guide of Palermo. Here are some steps:

There was also a beautiful and large garden which was called Cuncuma, whose fruit was delicious, and from this the Sicilian proverb was born, which in expressing the singularity of something, is said to be of Cuncuma.

And it is probable that the singularity and excellence of this meaning were also due to the fact that in this area there was the sect of the Beati Paoli, at the time considered to be the bearer of order and protection. In fact, “being of Cuncuma” meant to be part of a “secret group” and, to support this thesis, we know that these alleys were the meeting place of the Beati Paoli.

The Beati Paoli were a sect, thought to date back to the twelfth century, which would have been established, according to the Marquis of Villabianca, to counteract the excessive power of the nobles who administered criminal justice in their fiefdoms. The Cuncuma gardens belonged to the Susinno family in 1500, originally from Monreale, not exactly peaceful and peaceful people. Gardens are known for the freshness and the exotic scent of their fruit.

We are located between via delle Sedie Volanti, via Judica and piazza Beati Paoli. A good part of the subsoil is a mixture of secret underground passages and crypts. The area is also known as the Court of the Beati Paoli. Opposite the garden stands the Church of Sant’Oliva, with its mysterious well, and a few meters away, in Via Judica, we find Gianfilippo Gatto’s restaurant and, culinary secrets and its primordial flavors.

Right here, various writings and historical documents testify  the existence of an inn, whose history is lost in time, which gave refreshment to the inhabitants of the neighborhood: it was called A’ Cuncuma. The chef Gianfilippo Gatto chose the name A’ Cuncuma and this location not to forget a story that lasted centuries and to transmit the secrecy and dualism of his gourmet and traditional cuisine.

Via Judica is part of a redeveloped area full of churches, secrets, streets with curious names, clubs, restaurants and small shops. It is not difficult to find it, walking behind the Cathedral. We are part of the Cuncuma, we guard and protect the ancient art of Sicilian flavors, and you are our guests of honor, every time you cross the threshold of our small “cave of flavors”.