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The a la carte menu of Chef Gianfilippo Gatto is characterized by traditional Sicilian dishes that fully maintain the original flavor, even if presented in singular revisited versions. For those wishing to try a complete experience at reasonable prices, we recommend the tasting menus.



Pistachio Wafer

Shrimps, licorice and goat cheese

‘’Ammuccia ammuccia ‘ca tuttu pari’’ 

Cinisara cow camouflage
Cinisaratartare in cabbage casket, fennel chutney and oyster leaf

Sea, Heart, Wood 

beurre blanc scallop, cardoncello cream, marinated porcini
and dry marsala eggnog icecream

Marinara Cod Pizza

veg coal crust, slightly smoked cod fish, potatoes foam and tomatoes confit, capers powder

Oysters ”Soaking’‘ 

Warm oyster soup, garlic artichokes and seaweed oil, candied celery

‘’Pani e Cipudda’’ (Bread and Onion) 18

Red onion from Tropea cooked with vanilla, charcoal bread sable,
Sicano flower and blueberry powder



First Courses

Tagliolino ”Terramore” 

Carob tagliolini cooked in dashi, anchovy butter,
burnt lemon cream and wild fennel

Arancina di riso

Rice croquette, sicilian saffron, Caciocavallo cheese, raw prawns and Sicilian truffle

Pasta with Sardines

“Tribute to Palermitan cuisine”

“Marinara” Bulgur

3 sauces, Dulse seaweed powder and Seaurchin (min 2 pax)

Maniche filled with ‘’arriminata’’ 

Catanese broccoli filling, crispy slices of marinated ‘’trunzu’’(stalk),
light saffron bechamel, Madonie provola cheese and coffee

Baked Anelletto

Filled pasta ring with ragout, Vatedda del Belice fondue, and aubergine and tomato powders


Second Courses

‘’Beccafico’’ Red Mullet 

With citrus cream

Catch of day 

Cooked&raw in acqua pazza with Avola almonds,
tapenade and zucchini in osmosis


A steer that returns to veal 

Smoked ash fillet of beef in milk, blueberry sauce,
intense chlorophyll with parsley, brown stockand potato (35 min)

‘’Aggrassatu’’ lamb

Lamb parcel in Spanish sauce, light chestnut filling with
Swiss chard, raisins and pine nuts

“Eat the thistles which are light” 
(a grandmother advice for the holidays)

Terrine of cardoons cooked in their own juice in sautoir, sunchock




Winter Garden
Bergi skimmed milk cloud, Ferla honey béarnaise sauce and toasted butter, mandarin peel cream, pollen
Made in Sicily Homage to Piana degli Albanesi

Olive oil biscuit, light ricotta cream, warm persimmon soup and Vecchio Samperi ice cream


Passito Semifreddo

strawberry sauce and pistachio crumble

Seasonal fruit sorbet


Organic carob eclaire, flavored Ivoire chocolate ganache

and peta crispy


If you prefer to taste a lot of flavors,
we suggest you try the tasting menu …