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Chef Vincenzo Pinto


The parental heritage, made of master bakers and pastry masters, and the knowledge of the sea, received from grandparents, are a natural boost for the world of Sicilian cuisine.

Vincenzo was born in the seaside village of Mondello. Here he enters very young in the kitchen, becoming familiar with the traditional recipes of Sicilian cuisine, far from what he would have learned shortly thereafter. He works in the kitchens of luxury hotels in Venice, Naples, Florence, Rapallo, Maratea, Genoa and New York, where he holds the role of executive chef but at the end the call of Sicily leads him to Taormina.

After many years out of town, the flavors and colors of Sicily convinced him to return to Palermo to do the big step: to open A’ Cuncuma in the historical market “Capo” district. In many, they classify Vincenzo Pinto among the best chefs in Sicily thanks to the use of high quality raw materials and innovative culinary techniques that he has refined over the years.

He believes in fair competition, often organizes twinnings hosting the best Sicilian chefs. He loves to get out of the kitchen to talk with the guests, to reveal. He is a humble, vigorous and delicate man like his dishes. On the one hand, it offers abundant traditional dishes, modified and embellished, on the other hand pampers you with gourmet dishes that contain the secrets of 50 years spent in high-level catering.