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Wine Tasting Palermo

The winery of A ‘Cuncuma welcomes the best Sicilian wines, prestigious labels: 92 bottles selected for a wine tasting as few in Palermo. You can download the wine list by clicking here or browse it at the end of this page. We like to imagine that, when Goethe was struck by our city, he affirmed one of his most famous phrases:

«Life is too short to drink mediocre wines»

It seems that the chef Vincenzo Pinto has taken literally the German author! On the other hand, his culinary magic would not be completely complete without smoothing the palate with the right Sicilian wine. Vincenzo’s tasting menus offer a gourmet reinterpretation of traditional Sicilian dishes. Decisive flavors, layers of flaming flavors that hide layers of stillness.

The wine tasting in Palermo is a must

Have you ever taken the train from Palermo to Cefalù in August? You will have left the sea, with its wild coasts and the crowds of people. On the right, the silence of the golden hills dotted with the chirping of cicadas. To deprive the sea of the land, burnt by the sun, would mean to remove the wine from your table. Tasting three or four wines during our alchemical dinner is the best way to know the true fragrances.

Choosing one of Chef Pinto’s enogastronomical routes means accepting to get on that train to embark on a journey through time. Because food and wine, in Sicily, have deep roots. It is said that the vine grew in Sicily even before man existed. The fossil grape seed found in the Aeolian Islands and at the foot of Mount Etna testifies. Some Sicilian lands have been cultivated with wines for centuries.

But the rest of the story, if you want, we’ll tell you at the table, between a glass of wine and the other. In the meantime, we invite you to take a look at the wine list here so that you can look forward to it.