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Tasting Itineraries

Walking through the alleys of the Capo district we are surprised by the smell of fried eggplant: someone is probably preparing a pasta with sword and eggplant or, moreover, a caponata. Now we breathe the summer fragrance of wild fennel blanched by someone while, in front of a building, we see an old lady frying vegetables in batter on the street.

Someone roasts meat on the sidewalk and, not far away, the “mulunaro”, cuts slices of watermelon with a butcher’s knife, emitting perfumes that inevitably remind us of the aroma of jasmine. Not far from our restaurant, at three o’clock in the morning, we hear the strong call of the onion creamed in the sauce: it is the oven in which they prepare the sfincione throughout Palermo … «Chi ciavuruuuu! Uora uora ‘u sfurnai!»

These are the colorful and secret tasting itineraries of Palermo!

Percorsi degustativi a Palermo

Chromatic, sound, olfactory and not just tasting itineraries. Whether you are from Palermo or not, you can not avoid being fascinated by walking and breathing in the alleys. Vincenzo Pinto has learned the mysteries of Sicilian cuisine in this theater of perfumes. Art, science of cooking and alchemy of taste handed down from cook to cook, from father to son.

Growing up, he worked in elite kitchens, including luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants, where he learned the new secrets of modern cuisine, techniques that today apply to traditional Sicilian recipes.

Vincenzo’s caponata does not have the classic shape: its recipe is not exactly the traditional one: it is a parody, sublime in the mouth and explodes with the typical flavor, amplified and exalted.

Our girls will reveal the menu at the table. Every culinary process, every technique used by Vincenzo, every layer of flavor embroidered on your plates will be revealed to you in front of the menu.

The experience of the tasting itineraries of A ‘Cuncuma leads you to savor the ancient and modern secrets of Sicilian cuisine. We can not be classified as a gourmet or traditional restaurant.

The two souls blend and coexist in our dishes like the populations that have contaminated our land, in total harmony, in a new evolved form, rich in nuance, but always coherent.