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Fresh Ingredients

The culinary art is based on secrets and phases to be calibrated in the construction of aromatic complexities that, like alchemy, are revealed gradually as taste buds, layer by layer. In the presence of dishes designed to show off gourmet and traditional, the act of eating is consequently an art to be fulfilled with respect, dedication and calm.

Some secrets must be meditated!

The recipes of Vincenzo Pinto recall the poetics of “Palermo is an onion”, a masterpiece by Roberto Alajmo. They are peeled lazily and understood, like the contradictory culture of Palermo. Vincenzo made a significant choice: open the restaurant exclusively for dinner to be able to devote the whole day to the selection of fresh ingredients and the long preparation of the same.

The expresse cuisine of Vincenzo Pinto promises not to compromise the authenticity of the flavors, at the cost of having to give up sometimes some ingredient replacing it with another because … sometimes the sea is disregarded and walls the fishing boats in the port. Sometimes the sky rages with the earth, throwing storms that destroy the crops. Nature has its ups and downs and we must adapt.

Chef Pinto, choosing to offer an express cuisine, decided to face the difficulty of finding the best ingredients day by day. Honesty and transparency. While Vincenzo and his brigade sculpt and paint their tasting masterpieces, you must rediscover the banquet as an opportunity for dialogue, sharing time and precious thoughts.

Catering has been reduced to an industry. With the excuse that the world is running, the dishes are served in a few minutes with the aim of freeing the table and making room for new customers. Here no! The table is sacred, time is yours. Here you have to unplug and possibly put tablets and smartphones. Look into your eyes and return to enjoy nature calmly.